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    • 電話: +86-574-62291558
    • 傳真: +86-574-62295520
    • 網址:www.www.zgtsbmh.com

    Yuyao City Aojia Electric Appliance Co. Ltd is Located in Yuyao City, Zhejiang, China, which close to the Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port.As a professional hardware mould and products.We keep on developing and manufacturing appliances and the part,kitchen supplies,sanitary equipment,plastic ware,hardware,auto parts and mould .Our main mould are stretching mould ,integral stretching mould,forming mould ,stamping mould and so on.And we provide the technical guidance for our customers.

    Our company has advanced and developed equipment,we supply the highly quality for old and 

    new customers. We always keep on opening the International Markets, and our commodity are exported well to Europe, America, Australia and Central-South Asia.

    We have many years' experience and we aslo designing and opening the new moulds for various knids of products according to the customers’ equipment as well.We insisted on the management principle of "Think WhAttached isat Customers' Think and take care of Customers' Need ".

    Welcome home and abroad to visit and cooperate together for the future.

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